Sunday, November 1, 2009

ys jaganmohan reddy

instead of continuing the work of his father,he has committed the historic damaging of his fathers legacy.he has made it look like all that ysr needed was the post of chief minister.the other possibilities when one is in power have been made to appear as the only reason that ysr was in power.the primary responsibility to the people and their issues would not have allowed the petulant posturing for power.his political immaturity has encouraged one minister to resign.the unbelievable degeneration and lack of maturity can still be corrected if jagan issues a strong statement spelling out the tricky situation which overtook him.if he is more interested in building his business empire,he would have to issue the statement faster.
either way,if he is interested in business or if he wants to serve the people,the chief ministers post would have to wait for atleast a decade,if not more.
if he is having no reason to respect his fathers place in history,he would allow the confusion to continue for even one more day.

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