Sunday, November 1, 2009

the more that things unravel,the fundamental question is why has the sri lankan state not officially stated the number of civilians who died from january to may of this year.
i have not come across any authoritative statement,spelling out the details,with the inputs of the civilians.
the most amazing thing is how on earth did the world manage to classify the ltte as a terrorist organisation.
why did france ask the ltte to close its office in paris?if india had designated them as terrorist,there was a valid reason for it.why did europe classify them along with al qaeda.
when a war is going on,anyone who goes against the official line will be a traitor,and that was why the intellectuals were targeted.
when the ipkf committed atrocities and the indian state was hell bent on stifling their aspirations,the tigers hit back,as they would only have been expected to do.
that does not mean that india would have allowed prabakaran to step on its soil but it also did not allow us to take the assasination to use it to grind down a nationalist struggle.
our establishment obviously was left with no alternative when china began to get involved,but to do the standard support.
a veteran politician would have stated the case differently which manmohan singh could not have done,he had enough to do within our country to get too entangled in the mess.
the ltte had to fight to the end as the situation turned to its disadvantage,which it did.
in tamilnadu,politics ensured that no one could do anything was incumbent upon the opposition to be in consultation with the chief minister.
if prabakaran is indeed no more,it would allow india to close the chapter of the rajiv gandhi assasination.if he is alive,as some believe,he would never be able to visit india.
the fight to the finish was the swan song of the eelam leader,who had fought the good fight and still,fate was not kind.
but,the realisation of eelam will be only due to his unwavering and passionate belief,in the face of the most daunting odds and the most severe crunches.
the assasination of our leader was the act which he had to do,in the pursuance of his homeland.
we have to cherish the memory of our leader who lost his life in the line of duty while serving his homeland.
two great people had to come into conflict,one was at the command of an old country while another was fighting for his cherished older country.
rajiv gandhi was the young leader of the old but also young country whose idealism and energy resulted in an accord which was unfortunately too early and that too for an irreconcilable conflict.

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