Thursday, November 26, 2009


this is the time for us to consider that pakistan has been having 26/11 s on a regular basis.they have never had the good fortune of having settled down at any phase of their history.they are riven by the same feudal mindsets that dominate our country in most places of the north and in parts of the south.the afghan mujahideen have helped to arouse and kindle the extremist within which will not be tamed easily as the al qaeda ensures that with its pan islamic cause.
the tribals who will easily ally with the al qaeda as they will fundamentally ally with the islamist fight against the outsider in afghanistan and also pakistan.their tribal problem is similar to our maoist problem,the hinterlands where it is tough to control and implement policy.
they can probably begin by making the realisation that they are in control of their destiny and are in full possession of their country.
we can probably help them by forming an alliance like the saarc,just between the two countries,a mini saarc,which will put kashmir behind us.there will only be friendship and co operation if the religious fundamentalists on either side are forced to retreat into obscurity.
our side of the bargain will be to ensure that the rss and other similar groups should not be allowed to continue to fool us that they have the cause of retrieving something that was lost in the past.if the people in our region needed to do anything to handle misgovernance or acts of oppression by the erstwhile rulers,be they mughal,british or others,they did what was needed when it was needed and proceeded to continue their existence.they did not have to postpone their reactions to the 21 st century and to some group wearing khaki shorts.
our people are as violent,if not more,than any other people and they would have made this realisation dawn on any ruler,not out of a posture to prove their capacity but as a natural reaction to any arrogance and excess.
in the same way,the islamists of pakistan must realise that they are fighting for nothing,some rich guy is having problems with the rulers of his country,saudi arabia,and has come and plonked himself in their midst and is causing havoc and ruin.
if your islam is such a wonderful thing,why dont you try to use it to defeat feudalism and other ills that plague pakistan.
the inability to reform society is not an excuse for attaching themselves to the jihad.
social reform requires calibre and commitment.
the hafeez mohammads who do not have this calibre have flung themselves into other easier activities which are nothing but mindless madness which is going to take them nowhere.
a no war in any situation treaty between us will be the beginning.
the islamic world has to ensure that under no circumstance will the military ever attempt to steal into power again.

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