Wednesday, November 25, 2009


the globalisation of the world economy and the extent of trade between countries can possibly receive a jolt if there are newer countries which have a rootedness in their historical traditions.these traditions can only have weakened by the growing trend of westernisation which accompanies globalisation.if there is a culture which wants to strengthen itself and retain its identity by claiming nationhood,it can only add further disturbances to the global order.the global order needs uniformity of the people of the world and conformity to the american way.without this conformity,trade will not be smooth and has become the overriding need for the world which has become the only way that the world can improve itself.all previous civilisations and their development of laws and systems have not been seen fit to stand alongside this western development of the last two centuries.all the previous civilisations had developed their own legal codes through the actions and activities and intelligence of their people.
in the western view,all that is not like us is to viewed with suspicion.if saddam is the dictator of iraq,he became the dictator in the scenario of western trade in those,when we are not able to continue to make him amenable to our trade and its needs,we will label him the dictator and we shall topple him.the blatant power mongering has been successfully shrouded under the clash of civilisations.the greed to trade without any kind of limits has caused tragedies all over the world.this market mentality was uncomfortable with the eelam struggle as it somehow did not sit in the radar of the present trade needs.after the killing,the routine has been sought to be continued.
the united states is the most dis credited force in the history of the world.if it were not for obama,the crimes would have become chillingly obvious to the rest of the globe by now.the united states does not have any kind of consistency on any issue except on the issue of talking grandly and is the killer that has ravaged the lives of millions and countries all over the world.
the al qaedas response might be considered natural except that it has also subscribed to the same american ideal of victory at any cost.
why did the americans encourage the taliban in the first place,for their trade needs.
why did the americans topple the democratically elected government in iran in the fifties,for their trade needs.
they still continue to talk about the american way of life.
stephen sackur was stating on hard talk on bbc that there have always been poor people in India.our home minister has also spoken similarly in the past.there might not have been people who were plush like the americans but they would not have been desperate in the way that stephen sackur was meaning.
an education will always lead to a better type of thinking and considering every facet of life in a calm and intelligent way.there would not be a fear and an ignorance of anything.such fears and ignorances are stirred up when one culture suddenly encounters an outside culture.the education is all about getting to know the outside world.the education cannot be stated as making better than what originally existed.
the europeans after journeying from africa into asia and then to the rest of the world finally had to return to their native lands.they were not satisfied with what they had found.
they came back and messed up everything everywhere with their new found democracy and have continued to preach it to this day.
there was some good to be had in india,especially in the south,where other cultures had totally enslaved and systematically gnawed its way into the people.
the original secularism and the open ness and universality of the tamil culture has today resulted in the unthinkable,the original has been pushed to a corner and has been asked to walk on notwithstanding this unimaginable turn of events.

the europeans and their progenies must act with consistency and not because it suits their trade needs.
the tamils have always been here and now they need the assent of the europeans and their newer progenies to reclaim their nationhood.
as the tamil nation was crushed by the collective co operation of all those who were heavily subscribed into the trade and its needs,it is upto the entire tamil diaspora to unite and achieve its nationhood.
a nation does not mean any kind of disruption of normalcy and trade,the sinhalese and the tamils will co exist and live in harmony.
the oldest nation cannot be refused its right to exist by all the newer nations and their trade needs.
if the trade and its needs are such a force that they have unimaginably bettered the world,a reaffirmation of an old nation will do nothing to stop trade and its needs.
the old nation would have also traded but never with the greed and unstoppable boundlessness of the newer prodigals.
if at all there was any shred of a case against the eelam state that it was close to a dictatorship,it was caused by the sinhalese sins.
all dictatorships in the world were created by the western sins.
obama as he sends more troops into afghanistan must reflect deeply and think of ways of reversing the sins.the economy will take care of itself if the limits are defined.
the tamils also must take care of themselves.all the divisiveness within must be dropped.

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