Wednesday, September 2, 2009


YS Rajashekara Reddy is a model politician who during the years of the chandrababu naidu government demonstrated that being in the opposition does not mean that one should lose one s decency and morals and bearings.
the bjp,jayalalithaa and others should learn a lesson from his dignified stint as the leader of the congress party when it was in the opposition in A.P.
being in the opposition does not mean that one should be levelling allegations of some kind perpetually.
that is the method adopted by jayalalithaa and it is perhaps too late in the day now for her to change her ways.
the bjp thought that disrupting parliament was what the opposition needed to do all the time.
in japan,yukio hatoyama has used the opportunity presented by the recession to gain power.
the most shameless event in the politics of the world was the rath yatra of lk advani which was something that was undertaken to divide the people and poison them and then gain power.
a consolidation of the hindu vote could have been achieved in a myriad subtle ways.
YSR is the politicians politician who waited in the opposition,performing his duties honourably and was voted into power by the people.
the word honourable should be analysed by the bjp and jayalalithaa which will reveal the reasons for their extended stay in oblivion.
i hope all is well with Dr YSR.the helicopter might have crash landed in some dense jungle and an operation to reach him might be underway.this must be the reason for the suppression of news to the media.

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