Tuesday, September 1, 2009


almost the whole of pakistan is muslim,yet,there seems to be a lot of problems.
this goes against the possibility that all the people of the world,if they had one religion,would be more able to co exist peacefully and resolve their disputes more easily.
at present,as in the previous centuries,uneven levels of development and progress,would have have been the main source of wars,invasions and instability.
a king ruling in one part of our country might have achieved stability and might have begun to concentrate on development and religion.the attractions of war and conquest might have begun to fade.
another king in the near neighbourhood might be smarting from an earlier defeat by either this king or his predecessors.the trend at the time might be favouring war as an attractive and exciting activity.
another group from far away might have heard about the riches in this area and would have decided to make a raid.
what do we do now,when we are thinking of development,and our neighbour has some groups of people who are more interested in wreaking havoc over here.
the most basic thing would be to always keep channels of communication open.
we have resolved most of our societal imbalances through leaders ,reformers and saints like gandhi,periyar and basavanna.
our neighbours seem to have been unlucky in this regard.
since they are islamic,muslim thinkers from our country could have a good chance to go over there and talk about the unislamic acts of killing civilians and intruding into the affairs of another country.

looking at the country profiles,



we are four times pakistan in area and six times pakistan in population.
we have roughly equal areas of kashmir with each other.

if the hafeez mohammads and masood azhars of pakistan wanted to do something islamic,they would be thinking about the area and people of their country and how to bring about a better democracy over there.
pakistan probably needs an indira gandhi to bring in radical reforms like the land ceiling act and break the stranglehold of the landed elite over politics.
people in our country who think that it is fashionable to criticise the gandhis will realise the significance and the importance and the achievements of the gandhis if they take a closer look at pakistan.
in spite of a common religion and a smaller country,pakistan has been unable to go in the right direction.

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