Monday, August 24, 2009


as i was watching neeya naana on vijay tv,there was a hint of a taunt for the people arguing for intercaste marriages from the other side,the taunt was that when these people wanted to marry off their children,they would nt be able to arrange marriages for their children from either side of the family.
this necessitates the creation of a caste called tamizhar,those people having gone for intercaste marriages,either love or arranged,should be provided the option of changing their caste into tamizhar.this caste should get some benefits from the government on the basis of economic conditions,in the reservation scheme.other benefits might be considered and introduced.
in the west,people when talking about their ethnicity talk about one side of the family being french,spanish etc and the other being english,italian etc.the technological advances would permit the people to record every part of the tree.

the so called hinduism actually belongs in the minds of one category of people who tried to enforce their thinking as being common and controlling everyone,in a typically human exercise to achieve supremacy.
each group of people fashioned their own deities,a male form and a female form and have been continuing their religions over the ages.
these clans and their gods were a part of the life of the people,there was no supreme controlling authority which held sway over all the clans;if there had been one,islam and christianity would have easily suppressed and eliminated the various forms of worship that prevailed all over the indian subcontinent.somewhere during the last millennium,an element of hierarchy with a hint of special descent was introduced into the people,this was a result of increased migrations.
there would not be any problem in people calling themselves tamizhar,which they are and have been forever.
each profession which was pursued was contributing to the overall good.

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