Monday, August 24, 2009

how the north was won and where it got them

the sri lankans are highly confident now,the unease is starting to deepen and strengthen among the people here,the question of terror has been removed now,the issue is out in the open,in stark nakedness.who can not talk about the question of ethnic aspirations now,who can assume to be talking on behalf of the people of tamil eelam,the thiruchelvams and the like,they can be seen now for their naivete.who is going to talk now?it is not a simple world.maybe,a compromise would have been worked out by thiruchelvam,kadirgamar and others.maybe,not.
the maybe was possible only because someone was uncompromisingly arguing out there,with a gun.
thats how the world is.
what have the israelis been doing since 1948?
do the doves need issues to be fighting for,so they create conditions and then start to try to control the gloating victor.

whose country was it before 1948?
how will tamil nationalism be institutionalised by the sri lankan,who has won?
the ltte leadership has taken the matter to its logical end,
the sri lankans are now riding the tiger,the tiger itself has allowed them to get on.
can there now be any aspiration other than eelam,who will demarcate the borders now,will the absence of terror allow a give and take,in a good spirit.
is it another century of talks,like in palestine.
the artificial propping up of an artificial entity always ends in bigger confusion.
how does the situation develop itself so that suicide bombers are not created again,that s what can be observed from now on.

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