Friday, May 15, 2009


according to ndtv,the people of orissa have opted for the congress at the centre and the bjd for the state.
in maharashtra,in spite of an unsatisfactory record of the state government,the people have again opted for the congress at the centre,according to the numbers of ndtv.
why, then ,would the people of tamilnadu go for jayalalithaa?
it has got to be a sweep for the dpa in tamil nadu.
could the people of the southern districts have forgotten her stand on the sethu samudram canal?
if they have not forgotten,vaiko too might not stand a chance in virudhunagar.
the pmk,if it were to go by its stand on the eelam issue,should not have contested the elections.
the poll day attempts to rouse raw passions by showing war footage from eelam was the last desperate act to play out the issue and profit.
have the people been wise enough to see through these cheap stunts,of attaining power and position through the sufferings of others.

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