Wednesday, January 7, 2009

democracy and militocracy

the indian national congress should be deemed an illegitimate party as various parties have sprung up since independence which have been opposing the INC.
this is the type of argument which is being propagated by those seeking to de legitimise the LTTE.
in our experience of democracy,there have been instances of murders of political rivals,in almost all the states of the union.
we have seen booth capturing and other forms of intimidation.
in the war torn scenario of ceylon,there have been similar instances of political murders,of neelan thiruchelvam,lakshman kadirgamar and a number of others.
while these incidents might be deplorable and condemnable,they cannot be used to put forward the thesis that the LTTE is not representing the interests of the tamils in ceylon.
when VP singh walked out of the congress and formed his own party,the indian national congress should have lost its moral mooring as the pan indian party.
that expectation is as illogical as the assumption that because karuna walked out of the LTTE,the LTTE has lost its position of being the representative of the tamils in ceylon.
people fall out with each other in the best of normal times,to use such falling out to sully the reputation of the primary organisation reeks of petty politicking.
we have the peculiar situation of N Ram,the editor of the most respected daily newspaper in India,making exactly such attempts,to tarnish an organisation on the basis of its continued cohesive existence over the years,by eliminating rivals who have been deemed to have been acting against the goals of the organisation.
in a democracy,there would have been a war of words and suspensions.
in a militocracy,there have been a hail of bullets.
N Rams one man movement to legitimise the people who have walked out of the LTTE and other acts would have done without such cartoons which reveal the truth that there is a sideshow between the LTTE chief and the editor of THE HINDU.
the war is being fought fiercely and such cartoons reveal a dangerous disconnect when compared to the reality of the blood and gore.
these two seem to have had a parting of ways somewhere along the line,which has resulted in N Ram pursuing a personal animosity.
N Ram is one of the pillars in our country but he seems to be unable to overcome the slant in the reporting of the events in ceylon.

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