Monday, January 5, 2009

british legacy

the english companies and government have left behind them chaos in some cases,ceylon and palestine and stability in certain cases,our country.
even though pakistan and all the present troubles stem from the english rule,india has achieved an unity and a stability after overcoming some bloody episodes.

the ceylonese officials have been quick to jump the gun and bring in comparisons to palestine,before anyone else might have done it.

rajapakse was quoted in the front page of THE HINDU and another ceylonese official was again quoted in another report of THE HINDU.

in both cases,ceylon and palestine,the aggrieved party,which is willing to accept a vastly truncated portion of its original country,has been labelled as terrorist.

the world will witness enormous churning in the face of the inability to view events without the prism of terrorism.
if a state enacts oppression,it will face the consequences,which will trouble the elite.
if the elite want a return to the untroubled past,they should apologise for their past misdeeds and rectify the misdeeds with punishment for the guilty.
without any of these acts,sri lanka and israel are utilising the weapons at their disposal to crush the voices that are seeking a justice,countries which were existing just one century back,until the british rulers changed the geography.
the sure ness and the cockiness of the officially recognized states in thinking that might is right will have long lasting consequences.

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