Tuesday, December 16, 2008

why the emerald island was destroyed

the sinhalese enacted legislations which discriminated and are now crushing the opposition by dropping bombs from aircraft.
there are cheer leaders who believe that those legislations do not matter now and should be put behind us.
The LTTE wants the idea of a single country to be put behind as those legislations do matter.
how does one side become legitimate now and the other illegitimate.
the british colonised the sub continent ,the result of which is the country of Sri
was colonisation legitimate?
How does the LTTE s demand become illegitimate then.

Once a people are forced to take up the gun,the situation changes drastically.
we have seen the afghans and the pakistanis,who were led into taking up guns on behalf of others,being caught in its grip and unable to get down to normality.
The LTTE has prosecuted the war with a single mind and with an adherence to the norms of war which is why it continues to prosecute the war today.
The sooner the world community and the sinhalese accept the reality of two countries in the island,the lesser will be the sufferings of the people who inhabit the beautiful island.
the two countries will be able to develop friendly relations faster and better if tamil eelam is achieved without a war that leaves both sides grievously wounded.
if possessing a dedication to the objective of a separate country due to discrminatory legislations enacted by the majority is what labels one a terrorist,then the al qaeda and the l e t should be removed from the list of terrorist organisations.

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