Tuesday, December 16, 2008

game show

the line 'life is a game show 'comes in a prabhu deva song.
i dont know if that is a original line or taken from somewhere.

life on earth could be some great game devised by some other superior form of life to see how certain entities perform when possessing intelligence but not possessing the ability to use it fully.
there would be a lot of wincing when one evaluates one s performance after the game is over.
the plain idiocy of fighting over religion would be the most unfathomable act.
the characters leading these fights on earth would want to wish away all the stupidity.
the biggest joke would be on the ones that pretended to be superior in some respects.
looking at other things,the attachment to worldly materials and the fear of death would be the depths of foolishness.
we had begun to love life,the good life and we had developed great pride in our successes,believing that we were smarter than others.

the whole problem could be said to have begun when some group or individual used its weight to influence happenings and events.
that would have been the event that triggered the attachment to wordly things.
other groups and individuals would have realised the need to rally themselves.

looking at everything,it is clear that we are not in control of the intelligence that resides inside us.
we act at the spur of the moment and we are not in control of our reactions.

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