Monday, December 1, 2008

sandeep,we are sorry

the bunch of educated fools,a harsher word is an exact fit,that have been acting grotesquely,the shobhaa des,the simi garewals,those are the ones i witnessed,the god forsaken channels like TIMES NOW have badly damaged the nation with their anti national words and the result is a father has been sadly led into a confrontation with a chief minister.
the chief minister and the majors father have to meet again and overcome the tragedy that has overcome them.
they are two honourable men who have fallen a victim to the ridiculousness of a bunch of educated fools who have been shrieking and a bunch of channels who have participated in this undermining of everything that we have achieved.
if this is all that these educated fools are capable of,they are nowhere near being perfect citizens and more close to treason.
and the channel continues its insensitive,that is not the word,telecast.
first,it was cm snubbed.
now,it is cm insults.
muqtar abbas naqvi described it perfectly.

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