Tuesday, December 2, 2008


in all the breast beating by the educated elite,we have exposed that we are ruffled easily.
rr patil tried to give a sane controling opinion but the chamaeleonish media twisted it.
how many cops are there in mumbai?
what is the ratio with people?
what is the strength of the ATS?
what needs to be upgraded as the war has been upgraded?
shobhaa de writes in her blog criticising the actions of karkare and salaskar in going in one jeep.
it is not going to be possible for such types to get a grip in this lifetime.
such stupidity should be left behind us.
news x ,the one sober channel,after ndtv,has reported about a shortage of bullet proof vests,that is the kind of actual news that will bring about a constructive change.


Shagufta said...

Yes, I completely agree with you. In fact, everyone wants to be heard and seen. And what better time than a tragic moment of such big magnitude!
Yes, everyone spoke from Shobha De to politicians to media.
What was most contradictory was Shobha De's opnion on TV.
Once she said no leader came to came to visit. Then she said politicians shud unite. When she was told that Advani and PM were coming together, she said they better be together in such times. Then she realised something and said that no leader shud come coz it means diverting security to them. Only she knew what she wanted to convey. Its easy to criticise. How would Salaskar and Karkare know that the attackers were so well prepared and well trained with latest ammunition! But the fact is that, everyone tried to do their best with whatever outdated equipment or rules they were bound by. Even the Railway Police with their outdated rifles! Thats bravery. By criticising them, we are making a mockery of their sacrifice.

samurai said...

the terrorist organisations in pakistan are not respecting the elected government.
in india,we have the naxalite groups who are challenging the writ of the government.
now,the mumbai attacks have resulted in sections of the elite questioning the authority of the government by alleging that it has failed.
they do not realise that what they are actually doing is stating that we are a failed state,the government has failed and hence we are getting together to organise parallel power centres.
did it take this incident for these people to infer suddenly that we are a failed state or did they have this inference all along yet chose to continue as they were having a content time.
this question should be answered by whoever agitates against the politicians including one agitation scheduled for today.
in one stroke,the terrorists have made us launch inward attacks.
the anger needs to be directed at the cowards who plant bombs in public places and those who use ak47s to gun down defenseless people.
if there is anyone out there who can make an effort to reach a message to the perpetrators with some movement,that is the need of the hour.
the government can only benevolently watch the actions of the citizens.