Tuesday, December 2, 2008

let the games begin

if shivraj patil had announced in parliament a year or two back that we have to get used to a few terrorist attacks every year as that is how the situation has turned up,what would have been the reactions of the chamaeleon electronic media,ie TIMES NOW,navika kumar would have started another exposition as if the information was ferreted out by the channel itself exclusively.
what would have been the reaction of the bharatiya jhoot party,it would have used words such as spineless.
the reality is that we have to start expecting such a scenario,the intelligence agencies and the l-e-t ,j-e-m trying to keep up with each other.
we keep making progress alongside,todays moon mission will be tomorrows mars mission.
todays six lane highways will become tomorrows autobahns.
todays 30 % below the poverty line will turn to tomorrows 10 % below the poverty line.
those desirous of some action will get it,the urban security forces need augmenting.
diplomacy will continue and all options will be explored and implemented.

pakistan will also hopefully,be doing the same.
if hamid karzai starts talking with the taliban,things will start cooling down over there as well.
the only problem with this article is that it brings in the LTTE unnecessarily.
as long as the LTTE is termed as terrorist,the media and the ones doing it will be inspiring terrorists.
the LTTE has been running a state which has not yet been recognized by the world.once recognition comes in,a democracy will start flowering there.

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