Tuesday, December 2, 2008


it was a controversy which should have been closed down immediately by the media.
the kerala cm and the majors father are both decent indian citizens.
if there is a doubt about either of that,the media or the political parties in kerala will continue making an issue out of it.
you cant set out to milk everything for business or political purposes.
is there something called application of mind.
the cm felt insulted and uttered something.
are we addicted to seeing people step down from their posts,are we looking for someone to trip up and then descend like the dumbest morons,is that what our democratic duties are all about.if someone trips up and they are made a victim of our idiocy,how do you expect a free functioning in a democracy.

did achuthanandan turn into a villain just at that moment or was he a villain all along.
we cannot go about pretending that there is always a need to be enacting a purge somewhere.
TIMES NOW is getting young impressionable minds to lose their cool and divert their attention in this moment of crisis in its urge for viewers.
the economic times has articles of common sense whereas the tv channel thinks it is catering to the people by feeding idiocy.
the media in kerala might also be doing the same service.

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