Wednesday, September 24, 2008

subramanian swamy

he could not resist bringing in the ram sethu into his article on kashmir.

these kinds of attempts will bring the focus onto the so called hinduism and reveal that there is nothing called hinduism.
the artificial attempts to fuse saivism and vaishnavism in the quest by vaishnavism to portray itself as the religion of the people will actually result in the opposite.
the secularism of our people has allowed vaishnavism to flourish and coexist.
these kinds of attempts to go in for a design to subvert reality will result in questions being raised which will ultimately reveal that vaishnavism is not the religion of the people.
the people have taken to visiting the vaishnavite shrines but are not going to sport the vaishnavite symbols.
vaishnavism can survive only by creating a climate of awe and forced superiority .
This is accompanied by the pretensions of the bjp to be fighting for the so called hinduism.
The thinking that vaishnavism needs to establish itself reveals the insecurities behind its practitioners.
religion should not be used to pursue political objectives.

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