Thursday, September 25, 2008

maut ka saudagar

The events in godhra and after are extremely sensitive and have massive
implications .The post godhra riots are seen as having been facilitated by the government.The government of gujarat should have acted to remove the impression among the
muslims that the government had allowed the riots to take place.It would have acted to provide support to the people living in the relief camps and would have proceeded with a thorough investigation and prosecution of the people behind the riots.Under the indian penal code,a murder is a murder regardless of the events leading up to it.The government,instead,again allowed the impression to gain that it was not interested in ensuring justice.Going by the governments arguments,there was a criminal act in godhra followed by spontaneous riots all over the state.The people behind the godhra incident and the people behind the riots should have been brought brought to justice and the people affected by the riots should have
been compensated and rehabilitated.The government should have brought about
rapprochement between the communities.If all of these had been done,there would not have been any group wanting to avenge the gujarat riots.A decent chief minister would have done all of the above.
Today,the nanavati commission report is being used by the bjp to portray itself
as having been totally absolved of any wrongdoing.The argument is "the godhra incident was a conspiracy and hence we have no reason to feel any shame for the subsequent deaths of 2000 people".Even if that argument is accepted,the actions of the government in the following
years should have helped to bring in a reconciliation.If the government had allowed a genuine healing to take place,the country would not have been grappling with the terrorist incidents.
That there are doubts about the godhra incident,in the first place,reveals that
there is an extremely vicious group of people which is spreading its poison to
the rest of the population.


CC said...

Get over yourself. And meanwhile, don't forget to thank your stars that you live in a country that lets your publish your blog, even if it's filled with hate and malice.

samurai said...

cc,thanks for commenting,i look forward to interacting with you more and address the allegations that you have made,that this blog is filled with hate and malice.
i hope to change your opinion whenever there is a chance.