Wednesday, May 14, 2008

subramaniam swamy

this song is dedicated to the deperate subramaniam swamy and his cohorts and co travellers.

every effort is made by these educated folk to twist reality and implement a system which borrowed from antiquity and then resorted to fantastic numbers like 84,00,000 to turn everything upon its head.
the desperation of these actions stems from a reluctance to understand the real nature of religion,which does not confer a special status on anyone.
the desperado that is subramaniam swamy is now trying his best to sabotage the sethu project.
Through such actions in these days of democracy,one gets a hint of the extent to which these forces stooped to achieve a false supremacy.
These very forces strove to defeat reservation at every juncture.
The latter religions are unable to exist at peace with the older ones.
The aryan religions have systematically poached upon the dravidian religion and have tried to proclaim a false superiority .
Christianity had to vanquish the pagan religions.
Islam is at odds with christianity.
If one develops a genuine new way of union and appreciation of god,the last thing on ones mind will be an intention to prove that the older way is false or wrong.
It is only when these newer ways start to aggressively market their newer methods does friction develop.
the aryan religions have been at it for millennia upto the present sethusamudhram canal disruptions.

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