Thursday, May 15, 2008

The fanatic upper caste and the fanatic muslim

A section of the brahmin community and the so called upper castes is feeling uprooted and is at pains to depict the political process as being dominated by people with ulterior motives.These sections have a phobia of muslims and have been trying to spread this phobia around to the rest of the population.This is casteist behaviour at its worst.
Every positive and forward move is labelled as being vote bank politics.The targets are the champions of social justice.The vast majority of the people who come under the hindu label have no phobia of the muslims and are well organised into subgroups or clans which have been given the caste nomenclature.Various groups of people existed in different areas and had group names consistent with their activities and environments.The atrocious attempt to introduce a hierarchy and a superiority stems from the brahmin texts.
The brahmin rituals are mumbo jumbo to the vast majority of the people who come under the hindu label.A third religion other than saivism and vaishnavism called brahminism might be said to exist although vaishnavism has much in common with brahminism.
saivism is the original religion which was later subsumed by brahminism.Saivism broke out of these attempts to introduce ritual and mumbo jumbo.The attempts still continue to shroud saivism with the unintelligible mantras and the fantastic stories.saivism has constantly taken itself to the people where it originated and where it belongs.
The last stand of these sections has been the attempt to reduce the vast majority of the people who come under the hindu label to insecurity and inferiority.The brahmins do not relate to the fight of the people at every point in history against injustice and tyranny.The people have fought whenever unjust taxes were sought to be levied by the muslim rulers or the british.The hindus and the muslims have fought together against the british;the british in most cases had the support of one or the other hindu ruler.
The attempt of these sections of the brahmins to vitiate every development in the country poses the biggest danger alongwith the fanaticism of a section of the muslims.Both of these groups are removed from the people and place all reliance on the religious texts.Both of these groups do not have a grounding and are hopelessly labouring undera false supremacy.Both of these groups are longing for an imaginary grandeur of the past forgetting that the people are the real rulers and the real movers.

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