Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Short sightedness

I had an admiration for the american economy when i was in my twenties which was broken after witnessing the spate of arrests in the late nineties which started with a company i think was world tel,many ceos were arrested,it revealed that greed was what underpinned everything.
the youth in their twenties today will probably be sobering down now after the present ramifications in the american economy.
the fundamentalists who still swear by globalisation and privatisation as if the benefits of these have been made apparent to them through a divine revelation are a never say die and a loud variety.
this article by p.sainath punctures the myth effectively.
as with the reservation debate and as also with the politics of the bjp,the proponents of such issues and parties are too tied up to be expected to possess a clarity of mind and do their best to twist and shout.
prasannarajan who writes in india today comes to mind as one of the holier than thou and cocksure types.


deadmanoncampus said...

Sainath seems to be another power hungry guy,another Ellsworth Monkton Toohey.This is my blog post on Sainath relating to NREGA.

samurai said...

sainaths reports were a refreshing change from the usual reporting.
he has been reporting from vidarbha,do you find any fault in his reporting?
the mainstream economic news is all about the latest big investment and the movement of shares.
while the people with access to computers at home want to think that they have merit,what their merit and its benefits sits upon has been brought home by sainath.

there is no merit in life other than being alive,for all the merit in the world needs a meal three times in a day,right?

does merit bring about a better death or a better life?

how many people have died in iraq as a result of the deeds of the meritorious americans?

all man needs is three meals in a day.