Monday, April 14, 2008

The party is over

The bright minds from the upper castes cannot digest the fact that their pedestals are getting crowded.
The good times of co operation and helping each other are at an end.
No amount of facts can get them to accept the level playing field that is being created.
They exhibit their small thinking by getting dizzy about the creamy layer.
It is only to be expected.
When some sections who have ruled the roost are being consistently stripped of their perches and privileges,it should only be expected that they will go out of their way to oppose the changes.
These sections are in desperate need for a party formed along casteist lines to espouse their supposed grievances.
Having dubbed all the steps that have been taken so far to uplift the backward classes as vote bank politics,and also having tarred the political class as acting against merit,they have made it impossible for themselves to organise themselves politically.
They have taken themselves to the supreme court where their last hopes for some constitutional miracle have been broken.
They have shot themselves in the foot by arguing endlessly and hopelessly.
If there are any instances of perceived injustice in the interview process or elsewhere,it will stem partly from the attitude exhibited in the last two years.

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