Monday, April 7, 2008

Rahul Gandhi

The proliferation of the media and the conduct of sms polls have created a feeling of euphoria among sections of the youth.
What is happening is that these sections have got a feeling of success and consequently are in the lookout for targets which are not as deserving as they seem to think themselves to be.
The clear and present target is the congress party .
These sections are highly uncomfortable at Rahul Gandhi s unconventional ways.
Rahul s desire to get to know the country and its problems are frowned upon by these sections.
They would rather that Rahul remain a conventional politician so that they can continue venting their pentup frustrations through the display of angst at the political process.
The media also would sooner see Rahul becoming a normal neta so that it can pick out their transgressions.
All of these sections are in a hurry for Rahul to become a part of the government.
It's clearly a case of damned if you do,damned if you don't.
He has not promised instant achievements but is goading the party into becoming modern.