Monday, April 7, 2008


Saivism and vaishnavism are the predominant streams which have been artificially merged to create hinduism.

The followers of saivism can be seen to be simple and austere.

Vaishnavism has an opulence about it.

Saivism has simplicity as its defining feature whereas a hint of arrogance can be seen in the followers of vaishnavism.

Sivan is the creator whereas vishnu has many avatars,one of which is rama,who fought against ravana,a saivite.

The various wars all over the world have their origin in the attempt to make a particular religion dominate others.

In south india,vaishnavism has tried to overcome the saivite thinking.

Saivism cannot sustain caste whereas vaishnavism nurtures it.

Some of the alwars were shudras but vaishnavism is more in tune with the northern line of thinking.

In sri lanka,buddhism has tried to overcome the saivite thinking.

Jainism has always tried to diminish the saivite thinking.

The newer religions seem to find it necessary to negate and diminish the older lines of thought.

Saivism can be said to be the original thinking of the indian subcontinent and is deeprooted and is seen all over the country.

Vaishnavism is a later form of thinking which has been influenced by a necessity to develop a superiority over the native and older ways and beliefs.

It is apparent that commerce and business are interlinked with the development of newer religions.

Saivism has remained the simple and pure thinking that it always has been over millennia of interactions ,intrusions and interferences by various lines of thinking and religions.

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