Friday, March 7, 2008


Conventional battles are raging at various fronts along the frontline in the north.

The LTTE has been labelled as a terrorist organisation.

It has been fighting a regular army in a regular war for about two decades now.

It could not have been said to systematically target civilians.

The Sri lankan establishment is divided on the peace proposals.

The hindu right was unhelpful at crucial moments in the kashmir imbroglio,the momentous moments when opinion would have silently hardened and reversed.

The buddhist right similarly has not played a constructive role.

The role of groups espousing religious sentiments in prolonging war is a blot on the reputations of these religions.

The conflict in sri lanka has seen conventional battles being fought over at least ten years,yet one of the sides has been clubbed with terrorist organisations of the likes of the al qaeda.

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