Thursday, March 6, 2008


In a discussion on loksabha tv on the issue of telengana,an mp from the bjd and one from the bjp,were calling the linguistic creation of states a wrong move.
Attempts should not be made to create a false homogeneity.
Unity in Diversity is our defining slogan.
The people at large have been vociferously angry against the actions of the thackerays.
A genuine feeling might exist in maharashtra of marathi being swamped by hindi.
The thackerays have projected themselves and marathi in a weak manner by resorting to violence against the common man.
It is their state,not a state where various languages coexist,not a state where hindi has been imposed on the people.
Common sense solutions like the decision of the Tamil Nadu government to make tamil compulsory for all students are available.
A totally crass approach has been adopted by the thackerays.
Even if they felt that the marathi people were feeling threatened by the influx,such an approach was uncalled for.
This article argues for the recognition of kosovo and the impulses for further breakups of countries.

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