Wednesday, February 20, 2008


the time has come for the country to rid itself of the poison of the forces of the so called hindutva.
these forces have used the benevolence of the governments to mount one malicious campaign after another.
the spreading of falsehood under the garb of nationalism should not be allowed to continue anymore.
the congress has already started to hit back.
the youth of the country will rally behind the leadership of rahul gandhi.
this is no time for any barring any holds.
opposition is absolutely essential in a democracy but these forces have misused the space ceded by a lack of a central
opposition force.
the communists should introspect about why they have not been able to give voice to the plight of the people
in the central parts of india.
they are the right party to alleviate the grievances of the majority of the people.they should come out of their siege mentality.
they have become a prisoner of a david vs goliath attitude.
the communist parties should strive to take up the space of a national opposition party.
there has to be an application of minds of the leadership of the communist parties into making themselves a strong political force in these areas.
at the moment,the leadership seems happy with self righteous sound bites on tv or organising anti imperialist agitations which have no bearing on the problems facing the country.
the congress has a promising leader in rahul gandhi.
we have a fourth generation member of the nehru gandhi family to look forward to unify us in the coming years.
the family has provided strong leadership and has lost two of its illustrious members in the herculean task of managing a sub continent.
the small minds of the hindutva brigade have made a living out of taking cheap potshots at the gandhi family.
if charisma wins elections and if the country is making progress in the right direction,why does the opposition need to involve itself in mass agitations and resort to misleading the people.
i have not read much about the pre emergency years yet it looks to me to be a period of unseemly and unwanted agitations targeted against a democratically elected prime minister.
just as these forces would have crossed the boundaries of a honest and responsible opposition in their agitations,the emergency might have resulted in a few excesses.
these forces were given the chance to put into practice all of their dreams and ambitions but they could not put the country above their personal ambitions.
the issue of the membership of the jan sangh was the beginning of the end of this chance that these forces had won through their agitations.

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