Monday, February 11, 2008

the language and the deeds of the thackerays

the mns has compared their actions with the cm of tamilnadu and the pm of india defending the rights of the overseas people of indian origin.
the mns has desperately looked around for some kind of justification,any justification and has come up with these so called comparisons which reveal the lack of a planned campaign for a probable justified cause.
the educated folk who found it so easy to label the muslim community as terrorists must now be realising that labelling of communities is a very dangerous yet easy thing to do.
once the initial spark is kindled,the indian masses goad themselves into inventing all kinds of fantastic stories.
uddhav thackeray has exceeded raj thackeray in unbecoming language.
there are so many ways in which a culture can be reclaimed.
it involves a long and patient process in which the home population is slowly roused into awareness of the need to save the culture and the language.
it would have been a joyous and rewarding process.
the migrants would also have slowly become involved with the happenings and would have eagerly joined in and would have felt a part of their adopted land.
if the situation is really as bad as the thackerays posit it to be,then it is the thackerays who have to squarely take the blame.
as the so called custodians of the marathi manoos,they are the first culprits if their posit has any truth in it.
a new leadership with literary roots has to awaken the people to the sweetness and the nourishment provided by the mother tongue.
it is a long haul but the exertations will give a wonderful feeling.
going out and attacking the poor man on the street is an indication of weakness.
the helpnessness faced by the muslim community in the 90s which resulted in the bomb blasts,
is now being felt by the people of the hindi heartland.
the northern states are going through the pangs of growing up because of the lack of social reformers in the 1900s.
periyar in the south and ambedkar in the centre have enabled the questions of caste to be overcome.
the northern states will slowly come out of this phase and they need our whole hearted support.

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