Thursday, November 1, 2007

World Toilet Summit

I saw a report on BBC about a World Toilet Summit going on in New Delhi.
None of the news channels had any report on it.
It should have been a matter of the highest importance and fascination.
BBC said that 2.5 billion people dont have access to proper toilets.
The conditions in our crowded cities leave a lot to be done.
Sulabh has been a pioneer in our country.
But i have no idea about the success or present challenges faced by sulabh.
I think it is time that we had a separate minister for this subject.
Gandhiji was one leader who spoke a lot about hygiene to the people.
In south africa,he made the first efforts to get our people to adapt to the changed
situation and needs of massive industrialized urbanisation.
Gandhiji also made an observation that the lower castes had cleaner toilets
than their upper counterparts while campaigning for hygiene in ahmedabad.

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