Saturday, November 10, 2007


This person was a nobody in Gujarat's political scene before he was pitchforked into a prominent position.
He demonstrated administrative ineptitude in his handling of the post godhra situation in gujarat.
His cheerleaders would possibly admit to that given that a thousand people lost their lives.
Why would a person with a disastrous record in law and order be projected as a chief ministerial candidate.
This points to the lack of potential leaders in the bharatiya janata party.
A party which wants to achieve pan indian appeal could have mobilised people on the
issues of clean and efficient administration.
The godhra incident and the calamitous incidents following it could possibly have been averted by an alert administration.
In the case of Gujarat,the bharatiya janata party has put forward a leader who could not control a situation which could have been anticipated by a layman but was not by the law enforcement machinery.
Some of the cases have been transferred to neighbouring states.
Inspite of all of these black marks,narendra modi is the chief ministerial candidate of the bharatiya janata party.
From another angle,veteran politicians have rebelled against the upstart that modi is.
It is surprising that sections of the urban youth as well as some commentators in the media
would like to have people from apolitical backgrounds in gubernatorial posts.
Rashtrapati Bhavan is at the pinnacle of the political system and distinguished politicians should
guide the political system with their experience in the democratic processes.
The same categories of people were lamenting about the stepping down of dr kalam.
It was a sorry spectacle to witness the behaviour of the youth during the presidential election.
Dr kalam was a person with no experience in politics and consequently would have had to place complete reliance on his advisors.
The same holds for narendra modi and consequently he allowed a thousand people to die so that
his inexperience was negated in the minds of the people.
The people of gujarat would have seen through his inexperience by now and his time in the limelight will be over in december.
The thousand and more lives were lost in gujarat because the bharatiya janata party propped a person with no experience into the post of chief minister.
There has to be an accounting for the incidents of 2002 and a honest effort to heal the wounds.
The new millennium has been painfully scarred by the incidents in our country during the time that narendra modi was the chief minister of gujarat.

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