Sunday, November 11, 2007

dictators of the twenty first century

Musharraf did a good second part of getting the world on his side.
He is the suavest dictator, always at pains to explain his intentions.
He seems to be the nice guy, urbane and diplomatic.
There doesnt seem to be any chance for any more dictators with all the power and time in their hands.
I think mobutu ruled for 35 years in zaire,which is now the DRC.
There does not seem to be need for Musharraf to reach out and specifically explain to the
audience in the west.
The situation was bleak enough for everyone to understand.
It is a part of the growing up of Pakistan.
The Kashmir issue had them trapped in a military posture for all of these years.
That led them into the embrace of the United States.
Which in turn further led them into the quagmire of the jihadist tendency through afghanistan.
It is now the time to get started as a country after shedding all the memories of the past.
Musharraf might even replace jinnah as the father of the nation.
The time for alqaeda seems to have run out.
If it is cleaned out of pakistan,it will be the end.
While it was targeting America,there was some sympathy around
the world.
The killing of the sunni tribal leaders in Iraq and a widening of its targets will contribute to the
last chapter in the saga of the al qaeda.
Saudi arabia might probably be the only monarchy left in the world.

Vir Sanghvi has written about Musharraf.
A thorough and a brilliant article.

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