Monday, September 3, 2007

People at traffic signals

BBC reported that the city of Florence in Italy has prohibited people from wiping the windscreens of cars at traffic signals.
This can be observed in Indian cities with various kinds of items being sold and groups of children knocking on cars to get the attention of the people inside.
It is being done by the immigrants in Italy,mostly from Africa.
Africa has been going nowhere in the recent years with one or the other country gaining the
attention of the outside world from time to time.
Tony Blair tried to organise some movement but there has been no news of that since.
Dr Kalam s last day as President had the news that the government had approved a project of
his for communication and education in Africa.
China has become a big presence in Africa in various mining projects.
Indian universities can organise visits to Africa to give an alternative viewpoint to students
completely preoccupied with the West.
Medical students have held protests today in Tamil Nadu against Government stipulations ensuring that they spend one year in rural areas immediately after graduation.
It seems to be a good move but the students complain that six and a half years is too long a period before they start making material returns.
The students are all in a hurry to either go to the west or to get into the corporate culture,
which is inevitable.
Exposure to places like Africa and Rural India will help to blunt the commercial edge that
the youth are gaining which will be good both for the students as well as society.

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