Wednesday, August 1, 2007


brazenness seems to take over politicians whenever they are given power.the perks continue whether they are in the ruling party or in opposition.they get facilities which continue even when they are voted out.what then makes them act in such a fashion,trampling upon the established procedures and protocols.the fear that once out of power,they wont get a chance to get back.and the fear that the other party will consolidate itself.or the fear that their projects will be abandoned midway.or the fear that their spending in the elections will go unrealised.or maybe even the fear that the other party is no good for the people.
whatever it may be,it does not look best to see the gop of our country flouting the rules like they did in goa.
will any introspection be done and who will set it in seems that the president of the congress has got to do it.

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