Friday, August 3, 2007

floods in the country

i saw on bbc that 20 million people are displaced by the floods in bihar,UP and assam.i noticed this only on the bbc.i never would have known about it from our channels,though i constantly keep going through all our news channels and very rarely stay and watch one programme.after seeing more reports today on the bbc,i again went to our channels but i never would have known about the dire situation.then a report came about a boat capsizing in samastipur.when our guys were covering mumbai,they looked like they were overdoing it.they showed delhi yesterday and mumbai today.
it appears that the world of these channels ends with the reveals the viewer preferences.if there is a news item that allows these target audiences to act frustrated and vent their anger,it is surely on prime time.
these folks think that india and the world begins and ends with dr kalam.they are a completely cynical lot.
headlines today which looked the most reasonable channel because of their sober presenters went overboard with the sanjay dutt story.and surely all the others had to follow suit.

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