Monday, May 28, 2007

ozymandias syndrome

an article by JULIAN BAGGINI in THE GUARDIAN discussed about success and the craving for it.the poet shelley had a verse about a crumbling statue with a grand inscription on it about the great ozymandias and his liberalisation,india has been on the move with lifestyles mirroring the has begun to occupy every day of the week with the pace increasingly getting faster.the relaxed lifestyles of the past cannot be visualised even during vacations.a mooring in culture and tradition will give the much needed relief for the westernisation without any link with the native culture will remove perspective and bring in a break from reality.
the article also spoke about pragmatism possibly resulting in mediocrity and the cost of success.the majority of the people in the cities seem to be having a reasonably good time as they retain the customs and traditions.the need of the times is to celebrate our culture with all its diversities.there has to be a move to retain our balance in the fast globalising world.

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