Tuesday, April 10, 2007

stop the killing

is there a way that the daily fatalities can be ended in iraq and which can remove every shred of morality from the illogical terrorism being indulged in by forces presuming to be acting against the americans .
it s got to end fast,does nt it?
the first thing that can be done is for the american president to call a conference that would involve the highest clergies of all religions and all sects.
the american president can express remorse and regret on that occasion.
that would be followed by a call by the highest clergy of both the shias and sunnis for a ceasefire for a month.
that should be followed by a meeting of the united nations general assembly where the americans would give an undertaking to be in iraq for exactly one year to ensure security.
they should also contribute towards damages,the exact amount should be decided within that one year by a special commitee convened by the united nations.
is all of this fancy?
it can be done if the united states accepts its folly.
that would mean the end of george bush s political career and legacy.
it can also be the first time that a protagonist in a war issues a call for its stop while not defeated.
george bush might also be assasinated by whichever lobby that is fuelling the war.
he has to talk with the iranian president immediately.
that would be the toughest thing for a human being to do.
being the first to open up and call for talks in a conflict,between nations or individuals.
we as individuals find it extremely impossible to embark upon such a course.
democratic systems would find it totally impossible.
if the american president does call up the iranian president ,that might represent the first act in trying to resolve conflicts in a manner which the level of our civilisational advance would suggest to be possible.

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