Monday, April 16, 2007

is there a movement towards anywhere?

43 people died in iraq yesterday according to the bbc.
how many more are going to die before there is a change?
it seems simplistic to believe that the americans can just leave.
the animosity between the shias and the sunnis seems to have increased to a point of no return.
maybe all of that has been orchestrated by the americans as a prelude before quitting.
what objective could have been achieved if that could possibly be a reality.


Shagufta said...

The shia and sunni hype is created only by the americans (from the Iran Iraq war!) and they seem to be just fuelling it more to save their skin by blaming either sides.... the main concern of Iraqis is presently - Security -financial and of their future! Many young Iraqis are fleeing to other nations in search of identity!

samurai said...

hi shagufta,they ve fallen victim to the american designs.the bloodletting is terrible.whenever a hostage is killed,all the joints have been drilled to be shown as a signature of a particular group.the article in yahoo was about the feud between the persians and the arabs and how the shias were suppressed only goes to show that it is all such a complex interweaving of communities and tribes that the american prescription of democracy is plain stupid.unless,they know it and are in it for other motives which makes them look evil.evil might be a naive word,it s just the way humans are;when they get power,it corrupts them.