Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the cycle of violence

im regretting having started the fatality count in was horrible to see the numbers ,i dont know if what im doing should be done,counting the dead.maybe,i ll keep it for a few more days.
but when will a sense of urgency overcome any of the people in power.i read in yahoo today that it is actually a centuries old feud between the persians and the arabs that has re ignited now.if that is the case,the clergy on both sides should immediately issue a call for a conference which must surely declare that killing for political power is a big sin.
the attainment of political power is such a highstakes game that it overpowers the human mind.
especially when groups are ranged against each other.what can be the prizes that make man singleminded to the extent that he descends into india,it is has become an addiction as politicians move around in the latest automobiles.
in the middle east,it is the need to change the balance of power or to retain becomes a deadly cycle when the victor starts abusing the power.
the solution can only be the gandhian one,as the saint was convinced that a freedom won through violence would not be a successful one.
it is such a simple truth,as every human would have probably realised at some point in life,that what goes around comes around.


Shagufta said...

I agree with you! I hate violence and am a Gandhian at heart myself (tho' ppl seem to have made him out to be a villian these days for political gain!)

asamurai! said...

shagufta,thats the first comment ive got,ur name seems more beautiful,now that i know the meaning,is it a persian word?theres a lot of talk about the power situaton in mumbai,is it bad?

Shagufta said...

Yup, its Persian... ur comment is also kinda first (just enabled comments recently)
Power cut isnt affecting me much. Depends on area

Shagufta said...
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