Thursday, March 17, 2016

why narendra modi is going to be kicked into the disrepute of history

The way that BJP is going about trying to cloud the Ishrat Jehan case, it is only possible by somebody who lives his life by the manusmriti. It is a open assault on truth.

Narendra Modi lives by the manusmriti. He believes that anything can and will be done to uphold the brahminical society. For such a person who is completely allied with the manusmriti, there is no evil, falshood or wrong in line with what the common people think. For such a person, the manusmriti is the word of god and anything can and will be done to uphold the word of God. This is exactly similar to what abu bake al baghdadi of the Islamic State thinks. Hence, the killing of ishrat jehan in cold blood will never ever bother narendra modi. Because, it is done for the cause of the manusmriti.
However, narendra modi fears the Indian constitution, because that is the law today and not the manusmriti. Hence, he got two BJP MPs to lie in parliament today.

#nishikantdubey said ishrat's character was suspect because she was with four men. #vrindagrover responded on #barkhadutt show that the chargesheet says that two of the executed men were in IB custody since April 2004 whereas the encounter took place in June 2004. so, a BJP MP spoke a lie today in aprliament.
#Satyapalsingh who resigned as Mumbai Police commissioner and is now a BJP MP said a Congress leader forced him to include Modi's name in the chargesheet. When asked on the show, he started to tell lies.
#Anuragthakur said the Congress is trying to do what Ishrat Jehan failed to do.

If the BJP and Modi know even the smallest aspect of the real religions of the Indian people, they will realise that they are bound to be destroyed and that truth will prevail. Is the murder of Ishrat Jehan similar to any of the other encounters that are supposed to take place in this country? There is no such encounter where the CM/current PM is himself directly involved.

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