Thursday, May 29, 2014

The first step is a wrong step

Question By Manish Tewari: If you bring an ordinance just to benefit the appointment of one person(Nrupendra Mishra), does it not set a bad convention, as other heads of regulatory authorities(such as TRAI) might be given government jobs by the administration?

Answer by Pinki Anand(BJP Lawyer): As you are telling that the ordinance might favour other people, it proves that the ordinance is not being brought to favour one person.

How can anybody deal with such an answer.

The role of comedian in today's Karan Thapar show was performed by Dushyant Dave. What did the joker state-he said that the law itself is ridiculous. why? because if the official can join the private sector, why cannot he join the government.---This sounds good but any common person will realise the difference between a top post such as a Principal secretary or that of a governor from any corporate role. When a person is appointed to senior positions of government, what it means is a continuation of the highest level of existence that can be desired by a person.

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