Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rahul's Ruckus

Rahul Gandhi has created a storm with a sudden outburst.

The situation was in need of some inspiration, some action.

Rahul Gandhi has delivered it with a 5-minute intervention.

Though the intervention goes against the democratic norms and the realities, it is at least a valid theoretical argument. Rahul's statement has initiated a new discussion by bringing in many more people into the debate, those who had not participated in the discussions or in the issue before.

The insinuation that it is an attack on the Prime Minister is not valid. The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister.

Rahul has demonstrated that he is as much a rebel as he is a contender for the post of Prime Minister. While this might be construed as a weakness, that this is not in the mould of a future Prime Minister, it is for the media of this country that has to restart from zero.

As all along, in the last five years, they took the Prime Minister as the person that he was made out to be by the leaders of the opposition, especially lk advani.

Advani called Dr MMS as the weakest prime minister.

It is a fact that our present prime minister has taken as through ten years of stability, prosperity and progress. In spite of traitors such as the CAG and parasites such as the media, the country has gone through a very fruitful ten years.

This stability was not appealing to the parasites who work in the media, at least 90 percent of it. They were always grasping and clutching at anyone who levelled allegations at the government.

Through it all, the Government soldiered on, with the most important feature being patience, personified by the Prime Minister.

Now, it is time for elections. And, there was a need for some thing different.

Rahul Gandhi as the young face of the Government delivered that, with a double gain of flattening the sad things in the bjp, who went to the president opposing the ordinance.

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