Friday, December 7, 2012

yahoo users on jayalalitha

dasarathi.j says

Obviously you are far from Tamilnadu Jaya is the best adminstrator in the country after Modi and if you dont know any facts dont show your ignorance by blaberring

I strongly disagree there is no evidence of corruption and only corrupt poloticians who grabbed land by force are going to jail The adminstration is clean only problem is lack of power for which the blame is on DMK and not the present government

views011 says

CM Jayalalithaa avargal is a committed iron willed leader like Indiraji. We have seen her
courage when she lost power and was being sent to prison as against Karunanidhi in similar situation crying and screaming. She is a real PM material to lead this country next best to Modi. If she minds she will pack up the congress with all its stooges to the archives.

keegan says

How far it is practical yet Really Bold Statement by J J unlike the double standard, coward, anti hindu, anti india, anti people, nepotist, superstitious, racist, caste, communal outfit, Corruption Emperor Karuna NIDHI, DK, DMK, UPA - UNITED PLUNDER ASSOCIATION - Mega Corrupt Congress etc.....

simha replies to keegan

It is possible Mr. Keegan. She did it in the case of the Pongal declared as Tamil New Year day by the Great Karunanidhi.

Another view by simha

As far as DMK is concerned (Read Karunanidhi because he IS the Party), they are safe! They will continue confusing the public with contredictory statements till the last moment and at the final moment, will join the winning group and will start demanding Ministers' posts for his kins. The only difference will be, this time some new (may be the third wife's third grandson et al!) gen faces will come out! Do not go to the dictionary to find the meaning of 'parasite'; it is Karunanidhi and his clan.

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