Friday, December 7, 2012

yahoo users on FDI vote

dr shanker k says

It is an Irony that the the rag remnanat of the congress once a party headed by Mahatma gandhi should abandon swadeshi for videshi!!!!mahatma gandhi spread thre idea of swadeshi to make india strong at the grass root level.fdi will usher in economic slavery and sound the death knell of the indian economy.they won by default with horse rading the carrot and stck!the mulayams and mayawatis will be remebered as the mir jaffers aqnd jai chands of indian politics!today sadly the country has no value or place!power and the lust for money aqnd wealth has replaced patriotism.hope the govt in reign after the 2014 elections rejects this bill.

Ananda says

No Mr. Nath!! It is a win for corruption and lack of ideology.

V Gandhi says

only to foreign goods.... it is win for grafts and bribes

Mutluru Venkata says

Finally the real colour of congress party has come out. They DONOT have any GRATITUDE or RESPECT for the FATHER OF NATION --- MAHATHMA GANDHI, ( who prefered SWADESHI to that of VIDESHI ) Even they will go to the extent of asking what is the IDEOLOGY OF MAHATHMA.,

Reddypm says

How many thousand crores you paid to bsp and sp, to vote for upa , that is why you congress bastords are looting our country,

this bsp baby elephant will eat only money not food, that is why she is chooson to vote for corrupt congress, because she is also no.1 corrupt, she is dreaming of pm post, in her life time, this corrupt baby elephant never become a pm of our country

AP says

Theoretically Parliament is the reflection of People's mind but practically, it is not always. FDI in retail is one such example when not only Parliament fails to reflect people's mind but an impact of bad impression as well as dejection is created to the people's mind. We, the common people are worried because India is a country of 1.2 Billion people and job opportunity is as scarce as honesty in Parliament.When unemployed youths failed to get a job, he/ahe had the only alternative to give a small retail business but Govt. deprived them from availing this opportunity too as these Multi brand retail chain not only discourage new retail small business but destroy many more existing retail business. Through investigation and pros and cons are not checked and pressure from outside, our Govt. destroyed the life of poor retailers. of course, with many conditions, partial entry might be granted but such overwhelmingly allowing them to enter and destroying our own retail as well as weakening our manufacturing base will have a longstanding impact.

Ruru Kuppa says

Bharat ke 2 gaddar Maya & Mullu

Kabber Dev Kill Porkistan says

This benefits will not be long-lived--People will boycott this FDI for their well being--But the true face of Mulla Mulayam and Mayawati hads been exposed

'Jai Hind' RP says

The fact that this was no easy win by the corrupt Congress led UPA govt. and happened after a lot of cajoling, bribing and intimidatng of it's leading allies SP and BSP is testimony enough that FDI win is a rejection of the govt's policies and not the opposition. It's a shame that this corrupt, communal and arrogant Congress led UPA always resorts to menial and mean tactics to ensure they always win the vote in parliament by hook by crook. Now that this tactics will work and is confined only to the parliament will ensure that the corrupt, communal, manipulistic and arrogant Congress led UPA and it's supporters will be routed out of the centre by the people of India in the next general elections for sure for implementing a bill despite widespread and overwhelming resistance. Jai Hind!!!

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