Thursday, December 20, 2012

The bachelor

After narendra modis win in gujarat, it is becoming clear that the people are tiring of politics and want an individual to take over. and if the individual is not married, then it becomes easier to trust the individual.

the unmarried ones in indian politics who seem to have grabbed the people's support are narendra modi, naveen patnaik and jayalalitha.

with modi, the foundation is the history of gujarat with respect to ghori, ghazni. there have been various wars in the indian subcontinent, with the most important ones being those between the cholas and the chalukyas, and those between the rulers in pataliputra and kalinga.

ghazni or ghori are from afghanistan, which is a neighbouring region of gujarat. the organisations such as rss have fed people with wrong histories about muslims as invaders and created a divide in society. this will take a long time to change.

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