Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We now know that Raja hijacked the FCFS for his own ends


from the article

"""We now know that Raja hijacked the FCFS for his own ends, and even bamboozled the Prime Minister and the finance minister. These facts would never have been established without the CAG’s sharp spotlight on Raja’s activities. It was the alleged scale of the scam that forced a real rethink. For this we should be willing to forgive the CAG for creative licence."""

We really have to take pity at the writer, as he is only putting into words, what some of us were prone to have visualised.

but, when you are in the public domain, you are answerable.

Jagannathan must tell what he means by, WE NOW KNOW".

In Tamil, there is a  way of saying, enna mayithukku, which means, what is the purpose.


the telecom regulatory authority of india.

if every bastard that is a part of the government and the judiciary will go in and contribute his/her thinking, then why have a minister of telecom, and why have a TRAI.


there should be no particular ministers for anything.

there should only be an empowered group of ministers.

and then, we have journalists now finding excuses for the creative license of the CAG.

justice katju said we are a nation of immigrants.

I don't recall if he said that we are a nation of Idiots and scoundrels.

we still are not able to call it a day on this murderous episode enacted by the cag and the supreme court.

the courts are still at it.making oral observations.

you have no clothes, someone must tell gs singhvi and ks radhakrishnan.

how these fellows go on shamelessly.

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