Wednesday, November 7, 2012

too much Tea Party; too few minorities

That is what The New Yorker says about the Republicans.

In India, a distant political equivalent of the Tea Party can be seen online, identifiable by emission of words such as congi and sickular. they rail against sonia gandhi here while having many relatives in the U.S who are minorities there. They go and live there to earn money and talk bad of sonia gandhi here. these are the sad ones.

some food for thought for the sad ones. it will take four days to drive from delhi to rome, three days to drive from delhi to athens, according to this site.

even if we double the time, sonia gandhi was born a eight-day drive from delhi. athens is a six-day drive from delhi. baghdad is a four-day drive, teheran is a two-day drive as is madurai.

it would also take four days to drive through the sea from thanjavur to malaysia.

the people of chattisgarh and madhya pradesh too would have heard of chola would the people of orissa who had borne attacks from the north and south.

Another wikipedia article about tamilnadu says,'Internal and external trade was well organised and active. Evidence from both archaeology and literature speaks of a flourishing foreign trade with the Yavanas (Greeks).."

if tamilnadu was trading with greece through sea, would not the people living in punjab and gujarat have been doing the same through road. yet, there is an organization called rss aping the nazis and many of us are victims of this real scam that has been going on in India from before independence. the rss is the biggest scam in India.

The Tea Party guys are fighting to retain their age-old superiority. at least, they were pioneers of sorts.

The Republicans represent the Whites, making up nearly 60 percent of the population of the USA.

In India, the Bharatiya Jhootiya Party represents about 15 percent of the population, which is the equivalent of the top 1 percent in the U.S. Making up this percentage are a considerable number of innocents whose minds have been ravaged by the falsehood that we did not fight properly against the muslim invaders, and hence we need to re-implement a fight.

The propagators of this falsehood have no connection with the Indian people who know how to handle all kinds of situations with the required reactions. Our people were not going to get into a fit because invaders came from the west. They had seen invaders coming from east, west north and south. That was life in the years before the british finally turned up. The invaders from west were not different from them, as they were also humans. It was not as if the world was divided into two halves with an unbridgeable chasm in between at the khyber pass. Only fools of the highest order will think that the world ended at the khyber pass.

from jaipur or somnath or jullunder or amritsar or delhi, people had more trading and cultural links with their western neighbours from Iran, Iraq, Turkey and their norther neighbours in china and central asia. Religions were always coming up and gaining popularity all along this stretch extending eastwards up to patna.

new religions would not have made people uneasy but it would have been refreshing for them. such are the people. such were the people.

The propagators of falsehood do not also reveal the other reason for the muslim invaders to succeed. by that time, brahminism had reached its corruptive and corrosive peak and had totally destroyed the structures of power. superstition and rituals had again been revived after they had been vanquished by Ashoka. the ruling elite was bloating on the disease imparted by the brahmins.

this situation was partly redressed by the invaders from the west and those from europe later.

that is the truth, and truth alone will triumph.

the poor guy naipaul obviously did not grow out of some fantasies he spun for himself while growing up in the caribbean.

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