Monday, August 27, 2012

yahoo users respond to PM statement

dharmaraaj from hyderabad..P.M.Sir,
Bheeshamacharya , Dronacharya, Krupacharya and Dhritarashtra's silence in Mahabharata caused millions of peoples deaths. The total Kuaravas wiped out. Instead of comming clean you choose to attack the Constitutional authority CAG. Sir You have lost the battle even before it started. Morally you are deafeted on the floor of the parliament today. You have admitted that you are guilty. You may win the trust vote like you won it previously. Of all this is the blockest spot in your life and this will be recorded in the history and the wrong doers always choose your example in future. The good will live even after the Death and the bad will be burried. Well you have prooved that a well educated person can cheat the people more than all un educated people. Well You have created History for your self

rajavel..This useless fellow can even be a leader for a district, But he is a prime minister of india.. what shame?

RP from Chennai...Your silence has been the greatest disaster of our democracy, Mr. PM. Your silence on back to back mega scams, your silence on misgovernance, your silence on the dwindling economy, your silence on non-performance, your silence on rupee sliding, your silence on illegal immigrant issues in Assam, your silence on terrorists attacks, your silence on other law n order issues, your silence on almost everything pertaining to our country has been a collosal catastrophy. Instead of remaining silent, you may rather quit your seat. India needs a dynamic leader like Mr. Modi and not a weak, puppet and impotent PM like MMS. Jai Hind!!!

Pranjal..You should be ashamed of before making such a statement about is now proven that you are a complete incapable, coward , arrogant leader. With this statement you have now allowed the dominance force to do whatever they want in this country. where does your silence goes whenever your political friend get slapped because of his corruption, misdeeds..we have always seen you remain calm whenever the situation demands you to stand up and make a decision. I don't know how a person like you can be designated as a PM of some country. A real shame.........

salomi suresh from dubai...PM, this is not the time for your excellence in poetry. When there is corruption of 1 lakh crore rupees, don't try to divert attention by indulging in your foolish poetry. Whe have poets like Harivansh rai Bachan and Sahir Ludhiyanbi. We do not want your poetry. Explain in one answer what is the truth. And why you are not cancelling doubtful allocations so that fresh bidding will clear doubts. It means you are hiding something.

nagabhooshanam from cuddapah..Mr PM your silence may be good for yourself as an individual at home but in Parliament sitting in PM chair you are constitutionally duty bound to answer all questions raised against you and your ministers

bhalbhalia baruah from new delhi..This scoundrel have maintained silence always like meek thief cought in pick pocket. What a disgracefull PM we have

Predicter from bhubaneshwar..this useless corrupted PM deserves GADAFFI treatment only,this fellow has no right to lead and loot billions of people .

On the flip side

ramachandra raipure from pune..Sir, what is that going on we the peoples of India could not understand what to do please help and something do we can't understand what is wrong and right!!

kanaress from bangalore..Mr.PM you are telling this to people who daily shout non stop in and out of Parliament, they can never understand that dignity of Human.

neha from mumbai..Sir, ur the best. U taught India how to respect a kind, literate, clean and peace loving nature. V r by nature in awe of very aggressive and rowdy rulers, but those who r aware of legality and are educated are peace loving and righteous. Hats off, Sir!

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