Thursday, July 5, 2012

one for the thorough fools, another for the semi-fools

the supposedly thorough fools get this.

The bloody imbeciles at the CAG have supposedly finished a RIGOROUS SELF-APPRAISAL.
 What does this RIGOROUS SELF-APPRAISAL consist of?

The bloody imbeciles at  the CAG cite the subsequent judgement of the SUPREME COURT. and then, the bloody imbeciles tell that the present steps undertaken towards an auction as proof that their report was not mass murder.

The writer of the article, shalini singh, quotes from the 2010 report,"Where the 2G scam is concerned, the November 2010 report, apart from highlighting a massive loss to the exchequer, flagged violations in policy implementation such as illegal advancement of the cut-off date, manipulation of the first come, first served procedure, undue haste in granting Letters of Intent and undervaluing spectrum by selling it without auction in 2008 at 2001 prices."

The semi-fools get this.

In this article in the Hindu group publication, we get the following line.

With the EGoM now headless, it remains to be seen where this process of decision-making back and forth between the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the other key ministries is heading.

This article's heading is


when the prime minister avoided such a situation, by removing spectrum pricing from the terms of reference of the group of ministers, it is now suggested that that is an act of corruption.

on what basis.

on the basis of the report of the CAG.


the mass murder of a country is complete.

The BusinessLine article ends with this line.

"There is no better sector than telecom to showcase the gains from reforms for the aam aadmi."

It seems that there are a lot of imbeciles in this country.

why did nature need us to deal with this many imbeciles.

It seems that the Indians of 2011-2012 are best equipped to worship monkeys and elephants. And nothing more.

Knowing this, an imbecile by the name of Vinod Rai urinates on the heads of the one thousand million and more people.

And a reporter called shalini singh and a newspaper called The Hindu report this as cool showers.

this country is being steered by the most unimaginable set of beggars, in the form of a CAG, civil society and the media.

when the humans in this country want to worship monkeys and elephants, what more can they deserve.

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