Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the reason that India might fail as a country

talking on NDTV, a guy called nalin kohli tells of a huge scam of 1,76,000 crores. What type of a human being is this, that does not have the ability to think by itself?

then, there was kumar ketkar telling that some castes do not view the practice of corruption by their own as corruption.

what is the corruption?

then, we have mohandas pai talking about the economy.

can this pai talk about 1,76,000. no, he cannot. that is because he cannot think. he can talk big.

that is the problem of India.

we do not know to think. almost all of us did not have the capacity to think about 1,76,000.

almost all of us were not aware that we were abusing and killing ourselves.

with our acceptance of 1,76,000, we came of age. the old age. we tipped over into a descent into self-destruction.

on the downward slope, we now see various characters as we zoom down to our date with death.

we see anna hazare, arvind kejriwal, prashanth bhushan, kiran bedi, ramdev, mohandas pai and azim premji.

with 1,76,000, we proved to the rest of the world that we are mock pretenders.

let us see what awaits us at the end of the slope.

but, in june 2012, we should remember, that a guy called nalin kohli, representing the so-called bharatiya janata party, had the intellectual calibre, to be mentioning 1,76,000.

that captures the death of the so-called bharatiya janata party. this party started dying in 2009, and in 2012, it died. then, a bunch of idiots, occupied the space, vacated by the so-ca;;ed bharatiya janata party. these idiots, however, had the least idea, that to behave with dignity and honour, is actually an Indian attribute. these idiots were thinking that the dog is the supreme height that a human being can aspire to, and hence, have been trying to bark, each trying louder than its companion. these wannabe dogs are led by the guy called anna hazare.

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